What is a door supervisor?

Also known as door staff, bouncers, and doormen/doorwomen, door supervisors are an essential part of many businesses. They are employed to maintain the venues rules and the law, checking ID and refusing entry to any aggressive or intoxicated revellers. Also, maintaining public order and safety, and deciding when a customer has outstayed their welcome and is asked to leave, or forcibly removed. Should there be any conflicts or physical altercations, it is down to them to resolve and remove. Of course, it’s also important that door supervisors also maintain a high level of professionalism, remaining friendly yet fair and firm at all times.

Door Supervisors in London

Westminster Security supply professional, reputable London door supervisors to a diverse range of licensed premises, from pubs, private members’ clubs and bars, to hotels and restaurants. Our door supervisors have experience of a wide range of venues and events, including; weddings, concerts, AGM’s, launch parties, sporting events, award ceremonies and red carpet events. Giving them the necessary skills to deliver the highest possible standard of service in a range of environments. All of our London door supervisors undergo rigorous background checks to ensure that they comply with the Security Industry Authority, and are of the highest calibre. We supply both male and female door staff to ensure that your needs and requirements are always met.

Trained, experienced, and skilled

We provide only highly professional and experienced door supervisors that can be relied upon in any situation. All of our London door supervisors are highly trained, skilled, and experienced, not only in areas such as drug awareness, conflict management, and physical intervention, but also in customer service, first aid, and people skills. This means they are perfectly equipped to handle static security, crowd control, capacity management, emergency service liaisons, safety procedures, CCTV surveillance, and much more.

Create the best impression of your business

Whilst it’s undoubtedly important that your door supervisors are firm, forceful, and well respected, it’s also important to remember that they are the first member of staff that your customers will come into contact with when they visit your business – and first impressions really do count. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, ensuring that our door supervisors are firm but fair, professional yet approachable, friendly and helpful. The right door supervisors can help you stand out for all the right reasons, and we are committed to making that happen. Our door supervisors in London are carefully selected to ensure that they are the perfect brand ambassadors for your venue or event. If you require any further information about our door supervisor services in London, or to enquire about a booking. Please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation, no pressure discussion.


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